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Why learn to play the piano?  The best reason is for your own enjoyment! But there are many more benefits:  cognitive benefits, creative development, learning to teach music, preparing for music ministry and laying a foundation for future musical pursuits, to name a few.

Goodine Music is offering lessons with Elizabeth Goodine in classical piano, coaching through the book Simplifying Chords, and training in gospel music.

If you would like to have the world of music joyfully opened to your child or if you would like to strengthen your own musical skills, please contact us below for more information or to set up a fifteen minute consultation.  

Now accepting students for 2018.  Online lessons are an option if you live outside the Madison, Mississippi area.  

Piano Studio Policy for 2018

Goodine Music                                                                           




You will receive 36 lessons per twelve-month period. 

A twelve-month agreement is required.

There will be an average of 3 lessons per month.

Lesson length is 45 minutes.




The total yearly cost is $1350 (USD). Monthly payments of $112.50 must be received before the first day of the month for the upcoming lessons.


A 10% discount can be applied for additional students within an immediate family. The yearly cost for an additional student is $1215.00. The monthly cost is $101.25.

If you refer a student to me, after that student has taken lessons from me for two months you will receive a $25 discount on your payment the following month.

Tuition covers the actual lessons, the time I spend outside of the lessons writing chord charts, etc. for you, the time I spend outside of the lesson in planning and communicating with you, and upkeep of my piano.


The tuition shown above is based on the lessons being held in my location or online. If your lessons are held at another location where I will be driving, the cost will be increased depending on my commute time.



If you have to miss a lesson for any reason, please give me advance notice (more than 24 hours before the actual lesson time) and I will do my best to reschedule the lesson. However, if I am not able to reschedule the lesson within one month, that lesson will be forfeited, meaning it will not be made up. Monthly payments will still remain the same.


If you have to miss a lesson for any reason and you are not able to give me advance notice (more than 24 hours before the actual lesson time) or if you forget about a lesson and do not show up, that lesson will be forfeited, meaning it will not be made up. Monthly payments will still remain the same.

For last minute schedule changes, please do everything you can to reach me as soon as possible. Email, text, and call. If I have not responded, please text and call the alternate phone number I will give you.


If I, the teacher, have to miss a lesson for any reason, I will make it up for you if I am able to, or I will give you a discount on your next month’s payment to cover the cost of that lesson.


4.  MATERIALS NEEDED.                 


A metronome, or you may use a web site such as metronomeonline.com.

Classical piano book(s) chosen by me, and occasionally additional resources.

Simplifying Chords book (for age ten and above).

A three-ring binder for notes, assignments and chord charts, etc.

Hanon book (complete).




Optional schedule for adults: I am also open to having only one 1½ hour lesson per month rather than the schedule shown above. This is not available for students under eighteen years of age, and the lessons must occur during the daytime rather than in the evening. If you are interested, please let me know.  

Running late: In general, if you are running late for a lesson, you will be given the remaining lesson time. For example, if you are 10 minutes late, you will be given the remaining 35 minutes of the lesson rather than the full 45 minutes. 

For parents: You have an important role in the success of your child’s musical education even if you are not a musician yourself. Creating a quiet atmosphere for weekly practice and holding him or her accountable for weekly practice are two of the most important ways you can help. We can talk about other ways.


Parents of students under the age of eighteen: You, or an adult that you have designated, are welcome to wait in a sitting area within earshot of the lesson.


If/when your child is having an online lesson, you or a designated adult must be present in the room or at least within earshot during the entire lesson.



Updated, November 30, 2017