Are you or your child interested in studying piano 

online or locally in the Madison, Mississippi area? 

Then contact me to receive more information or to schedule 

one trial lesson at no cost and no obligation.  I look forward to talking with you about the lessons!

Elizabeth Goodine

It is my joy to work with parents and students who are as passionate about music as I am and who understand the commitment of time, effort, and resources that it takes to develop a skill. I am blessed to have wonderful students--whether they are very young or are beginning their piano studies later in life--who are both creative and self-motivated. They are going to affect their world in amazing ways as they build upon the foundation they are receiving.  


My teaching emphasis is on:

Preparing students for their unique calling and musical style preference.

Developing note-reading skills and cultivating a love for classical piano music.

Developing the ability to play by ear in all keys.

Learning how to use and write various types of chord charts.

Understanding how to play triads, seventh, ninth, eleventh, thirteenth, sixth, and suspended chords, and learning how to teach them.

Introducing students to playing the Blues, Gospel and Contemporary Christian music for those who are interested.


Three 45-minute lessons per month: $135.00  (USD)

Option for ages eighteen and up: one 1-hour lesson per month: $65.00 (USD)

Your payment includes one 40-minute group session each quarter for my students to share with each other what they are learning in their lessons. It will be a fun, informal mini recital held online (or sometimes in a live setting for local students). For my students of all ages and all skill levels.

And if you are interested, your payment also includes one 40-minute group session online each quarter. These will have a Christian ministry emphasis and will include subjects such as worship and songwriting.

If you need to miss a lesson, there are recently updated options available to you. 


Simplifying Chords:

A Textbook For the Classroom and a 

Reference For the Road 

by Elizabeth Goodine

If you need a working knowledge of the chords you learned in Music Theory class, if you are a classically trained pianist but want to learn to play by ear, or If you already play the piano by ear but need to better understand the chords you are playing, then this book was written with you in mind! It is easy to understand and will help you no matter your age, your musical ability or level of music education. You can benefit from it whether you are working alone or in a group setting.

"Thank you again to my friends and family who joined to celebrate the release of this book. What began many years ago as a stapled handout for a music seminar I used to teach and later as a seventeen-page booklet, this book took me nine years to revise before it was released in March 2016. For the past six years I have had the joy of teaching the concepts to my students and have felt so rewarded as they have grown in their understanding and in their ability to apply what they have learned."